What is it?
The Armed Forces Compensation Scheme compensates any injury, illness or death which is caused by service on or after 6th April 2005.

Who can claim?
ALL serving and former members of the Armed Forces, including Reservists can make a claim under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme. Claims should generally be made within 7 years. Claims can be made for a late onset illness at any time after the event to which the illness relates, as long as you do so within 3 years of seeking medical attention.

What can I claim for?
Claims can be made for any injury or illness which has resulted from your service with the Armed Forces. This includes injury sustained during combat, training exercises and sports.

Lump Sums - The Armed Forces Compensation Scheme offers a tax free lump sum for pain and suffering. Awards range from £1,200 to £570,000. If you suffer multiple injuries from the same incident, compensation is awarded for each injury, up to a maximum of £570,000.

Guaranteed Income Payments - If you have a very serious injury or illness you may be awarded a Guaranteed Income Payment which is an additional monthly tax free, index-linked payment paid after discharge from the Armed Forces.

At Squaddie Claim, we can assist you with:

  • Advice on your Armed Forces Compensation Scheme claim form
  • Advice on an SPVA offer
  • Information on Reconsideration

We can also assist you with Armed Forces Compensation Trusts and look at whether you may also have a claim for personal injury compensation against the Ministry of Defence.

We support you during what can be a distressing time and ensure you receive the level of compensation you are entitled to.