8 out of 10 people in the UK have no Will when they die meaning they have no control over who receives their money, property or possessions (estate).

Why make a Will?

· If you die without a valid will, certain rules dictate how your estate should be distributed. This may not correspond with how you thought or wanted your estate to be divided.

· Unmarried partners and partners who have not registered a civil partnership cannot inherit from each other unless there is a valid will in place; the death of a partner may therefore create serious financial issues for the remaining partner.

· If you have children, guardianship and financial arrangements for the children can be made in the event either one or both parents die.

· It may be possible to reduce the amount of tax payable on your estate if advice is taken in advance and a will is made.

· It may be necessary to protect potential beneficiaries who may be vulnerable or in receipt of benefits to ensure that their entitlement to means tested benefits is not reduced or lost completely.

Peace of Mind!
By making a Will you decide who your estate passes to and you can ensure your loved ones are looked after when you're no longer around.